When will I know about housing and such?

When will I receive the finalized schedule?

I don't like my time. Can I change it?

We are a conference on the history of capitalism. We can be bought...for the right price. Barring considerable capital outlay, however, please just accept the time. We promise there will be plenty of people. And coffee.

Can I come even if I am not giving a paper?

When does registration open?

Where do I stay?

How do I get to Ithaca?

Is there Uber or Lyft or Juno in Ithaca?

No. I know. It is maddening.

Will there be festivity as well as scholarship?

Oh yes indeed.

I applied but I have no travel funds. Can you sponsor me?

Unfortunately our funds are very limited and we can't subsidize travel or attendance at the conference.

Will there be a social media component?

Yes indeed! More to come on this but expect some serious twitter and periscope coverage.

Will there be academic presses?

Yes, Columbia UP and Cornell UP will be here as well as anybody else who gets in touch with us. 

Will there be cookies?


Do I need to pay to come if I am giving a paper?

Yes. We will wine and dine you for three days. It is a good deal.

Can I bring my friend?

If they register, you can indeed!

I am a Cornell undergraduate, can I come for free?

Yes. If you are an undergraduate you can come to the sessions, but you can't enjoy the food and drink (you have other places to eat!)