History of Capitalism Minor

Requirements for the Interdisciplinary Minor in the History of Capitalism

Please return completed application to Judy Yonkin, 450 McGraw Hall.

For more information email Professor Louis Hyman

Capitalism has delivered unrivaled prosperity, but with many social costs. Understanding capitalism’s past is essential to understanding our world today—as well as tomorrow. How has it been defined? How has it developed at different times and in different parts of the world? Students undertaking the minor will be exposed to many different perspectives on capitalism, enabling them to critically reflect on economic institutions and ideas, as well as understand how our global economy has come to be.

The minor is designed to provide students with the basic vocabulary of economics and business, but to deepen it with a longer, critical perspective on the development of capitalism. “Capitalism” has had many different meanings over time and students in the minor will also learn how its meanings have changed across time and how they continue to differ across place.

  • 5 approved courses in History, ILR, Econ and other units. Students may request the inclusion of non-approved courses.
  • All five courses must be taken for letter grades, with a grade of C or better, and either 3 or 4 credits each.
  • 1 course must be HIST 1540 - American Capitalism/AMST 1540/ILRLR 1845
  • 1 course in Economics or Business (from an approved list)
  • 3 historical courses (from an approved list)

Note: AP, Transfer, and Study Abroad courses are not eligible.

Please see the list of approved courses for more information


Do ILR core courses count towards the minor? Yes. Econ 1110 or Econ 1120, ILRLR 1100, as well as your second history required course (like ILRLR 3870) all count towards your minor.

Who do I talk to? Please reach out to Professor Louis Hyman with any questions.

Can I count this other similar class? Usually yes. We are looking to support interdisciplinary historical thinking across the university.