The workshop will run from 9 am to 6 pm every day during the middle two weeks of July, with a one-day break in the middle.

Each half-day session will be broken into a mixture of lectures and hands-on labs, breaking the participants into small groups to solve problem sets and analyze data.

The goal is to encourage participants to develop the intuition required to undertake quantitative analysis, and know when to ask for additional help from statistical consulting services at their university. The aim is to empower students to learn more even after the workshop ends.

The goal of all the topics is to provide participants with the necessary skills in locating and interpreting data, and then to give the economic literacy to communicate those findings with a broader audience.


  • "This was an outstanding experience, and I sincerely hope it continues, since there are very few opportunities for historians to engage with these fields.
  • "The content covered in the HOC boot camp has reinvigorated my enthusiasm for historical research. I am now armed with a whole new set of questions and analytical tools that will greatly enhance my project. Additionally, the intellectual camaraderie that I experienced at the camp was extremely personally gratifying. The history department where I currently study has very limited resources. The HOC boot camp afforded me the opportunity to experience the prestige of Cornell as well as connect with students from top-rated history departments."
  • "This was the most positive academic experience I have had in a very long time!!! Thank you."
  • "I just feel blessed that I got to participate, I'm forever indebted."
  • "This was a tremendously valuable workshop. I have no doubt that capitalism will be more and more effectively historicized if many additional campers have opportunities to share in this experience in the years to come."
  • "A truly transformative experience! As I am just starting my dissertation research, this workshop will have a tremendous effect on my current and future research. The tools I learned and the resources I gained will be invaluable to my work. We need more workshops like this one."
  • "After explaining what all the workshop covered, every one of my colleagues want to apply next year!"
  • "The workshop was exactly as described, which for some reason was surprising! I guess I didn't imagine it would actually be that intensive and focused, but it was and it was great."
  • "This workshop exceeded my expectations. Participants come out of this program with a thorough, nuanced, critical, and skilled approach to studying modern capitalism. I have already recommended this workshop to my colleagues!"
  • "The workshop was more than I expected. Emphasize that the camp is hard work but taught by some brilliant teachers."
  • "The workshop exceeded my expectations. Content aside, though, it was a model of collegiality."
  • "Successfully covering so much material in a two week time period is not only a testament to how well Louis and the planning team organized the camp, but also to the teaching ability of faculty who provided the instruction."
  • "This was the most positive academic experience I have had in a very long time!!! Thank you."